We know that it's been a difficult time recently– but please know that everyone at St Mary’s is here for you. Below are some useful contacts that you can call on or email whenever you need, and also a list of mindfulness videos. Make the most of them – all of these departments and people are looking forward to hearing from you and helping out however they can.

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Student Wellbeing Service

Members of our Student Services and Library Team here at St Mary's have created some brilliant mindfulness videos including visualisation exercises, mindfulness and breathing exercises and meditation amongst other things. They're all available here.

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Student Wellbeing Service

The Student Wellbeing Service can give mental health advice or counselling if these are necessary – you can also find their lockdown resources here. Student Services are also able to help you with money advice, funding queries, accommodation help whether on or off campus and disability and dyslexia requirements. You can find their website here which has all of the necessary contact details on it.

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Advent Advocacy

If you want to speak to someone independent from the University, Advent Advocacy are here for you. They can help and act as your advocate on a number of matters including mental health, finances, academic matters and lots more – they cover a really wide range, so make sure you reach out to them if you’re not sure who to turn to. You can find their contact details here.

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Your Officer Team

Your Officer Team are always here if you need to talk about anything. They’re the best people to contact if you want some advice or guidance independent from the University – they’re also an independent body, so they can help if you have complaints or criticisms related to the University. You can find all of their contact details here.

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Accommodation Department

If you have accommodation specific requests and you're in halls, speak to your Resident Mentors or email the Accommodation department at accommodation@stmarys.ac.uk. You can find other contact details for the Accommodation department here.

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Contacts and tips for self isolating students

If you're isolating on campus, we know how hard this can be. Everyone at St Mary's is here for you if you're in this position. Student Services have put together this care pack especially for you which features really important contact details and tips for how to get through. Make sure you read it - if you are in this position and are isolating on campus, the University and the above departments will be in touch to support you throughout.

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Look out for each other

While there are loads of professionals who can help you out through all sorts of issues at St Mary's, it's still really important that we look out for each other during hard times like this. If you can see that a fellow Simmie is struggling, make sure you keep in touch with them. This resource is useful to look through if you want to find resources, techniques and tips to help those around you who might be going through specific issues. There are tips to help with anxiety, eating disorders and self-harm amongst other things - while we'd always recommend speaking to Student Services about issues like these, there are situations where this might come in handy. Remember, we're all in this together.

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