With 1 in 3 students falling victim to theft during their time at University, the chances of getting through University without harm coming to your favourite belonging or piece of technology; whether through theft, loss or damage, is increasingly slim.  

With nearly 50 years’ experience, Endsleigh understands what’s important to students and that’s why we’re the only insurance provider recommended by NUS and the only insurance provider to promise a 24 hour laptop and phone replacement service from your claim being accepted.

Insure your room, laptop, phone and other gadgets today against theft, loss, accidental & liquid damage.

The Hub

But there’s more to Endsleigh than just insurance; the hub from Endsleigh provides regular competitions, fresh content from a constantly evolving team of student bloggers and all the advice we’ve learnt over the last 48 years of working with students.

You’ll find news, tips, student blogs and everything else you need to know before you go to uni, while you’re there and when you leave. They cover all aspects of student life including managing your money, employability, technology to support you through your university career and beyond.

Visit the hub now to get more from student life and beyond


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