Afro-Carribean Society

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ACS stands for Afro-Caribbean Society. It's all about creating a positive and encouraging presence in the university body for students of colour, but it is not limited to just those who are African and Caribbean. ACS is open to all and all are welcome, to engage and communicate together, learn about cultures and histories and to socialise and get to know one another. ACS aims to bring together an environment where a family-like society is created inside university, where people of colour and non-colour can grow not only in their studies together but in the experience of uni together, while highlighting, promoting and educating people in the culture and history of African and Caribbean descent. Events such as games nights, debates, and days out, etc will be planned throughout the university term.


President - Courtni Blackwood-Swaby -

Vice-President - Ibrahim Shitta -

Registered Office: Students' Union, St Mary's University, Waldegrave Road, Twickenham, Greater London, TW1 4SX
Registered Charity Number: 1150328