Course Rep Toolkit: Top Tips

1. Surveys

Online or paper based surveys are a great way to collect opinions from students and get their thoughts on relevant issues, ideas, and changes. 

2. Communicate Successes

Share successes, big and small, with other students, Course Reps and the Students’ Union!

3. Work with other Reps

Collaboration is the key to success as a Rep. Help each other, share ideas, and work together to improve the student experience across the university.

4. Signpost

As a rep, you are not expected to give advice and guidance on student issues.  Please ensure you signpost to specialist services within the university.

5. Remember you're a volunteer

You aren't expected to have all the answers. 

6. Ask for help from the Students’ Union

The Students’ Union is here to provide support and guidance for Course Reps. Don't hesitate to contact the Students’ Union and let us know how we can help you in your role.

7. Close the feedback loop

If something is decided at a Programme Board, make sure you share the information with students on your programme and the Students’ Union.

8. Link up with Academic Societies

Make sure you engage with an academic society linked to your role, or maybe set one up if there isn’t one already. Working together makes the student experience better for everyone! 

9. Be visible

Ensure you have time at the beginning or end of your lecture to talk with students on your course.  Perhaps set up times to go for a coffee with students on your course to discuss issues and ideas.

10. Face-to-face

Getting to know the other Reps and students, and working with them in person, is a great way to build relationships and have open channels of communication.

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