Nominating yourself for election

Nominating yourself for a position in the SMSU Elections is easy! There are two steps to the process – the deadline to complete all steps of both sections is on Friday 14 February at 12:00pm (midday). There are three available roles up for grabs, but you can only stand for one of them. You can find the job descriptions for Education President, Sport President and Student Life President by clicking on the role that you're interested in.

First, you need to submit your manifesto and photo online. To do this, you need to:

  • Log into your student account
  • Click on the tab in the top right corner that says 'hello, YOUR NAME' and click 'account/profile
  • Click 'my nominations', select 'The SMSU Elections 2020 and follow the instructions

 Your manifesto needs to be less than 250 words, and we’ve given suggestions for what you might want to include in this and specifications for your photo below.

Once this is done, you’ll need to complete and submit both parts of the nominations pack. Part 1 is due on Friday 14 February at 12pm and part 2 is due on Friday 21 February at 12pm - if you miss these deadlines, you will not be able to run in the SMSU Elections. You can download the nominations pack from the link above, and we’ll also send you an email with the pack attached once you’ve submitted your manifesto and photo through our online system.

There are a few really important things happening after the nominations deadline on the 14th February – in order to run, it’s important to look at our key dates for the SMSU Elections and mark them in your diary. You’ll need to be at all of them in order to run. Make sure you read this before you nominate yourself!

Tips for your SMSU Elections nomination

Writing your Manifesto

A manifesto is a short write up that we need from every candidate – it’s the cornerstone of your campaign. To write it, decide what qualities and skills you have and describe your ideas, policies for the future of SMSU and your strategy for putting them into action. You need to do this within 250 words – we can’t accept manifestos longer than this.

It may be wise to make sure you check your election promises with the SU Chief Executive Officer or current Officer Trustees before going public – we’d advise that you do this in case there are good reasons for you not being able to deliver them in reality.

Specifications for photos

For the publicity for our elections, we need a photograph of you so that we can advertise you to the St Mary’s student body. We’ve given specifications for this so that your photo looks good on all of our publicity – here they are:

  • Ideally, take your photo with a good quality camera. Don’t worry if this isn’t possible though – we’ve put an alternative below!
  • We need a portrait (vertical, like a phone screen) shot of your head and shoulders, with neither your arms nor the top of your head being cut off by the camera shot (see example below).
  • Take your photo against a neutral background – ideally against a wall.
  • Smile in your photo! It’s important that you look natural and happy. It’s up to you how you pose, but smiling never hurts!

If you don’t have a good quality camera, don’t worry – email and we can arrange to take a photo for you.

Rules and Regulations

You can read the full rules and regulations for the SMSU Elections here. Please read them carefully, and be mindful of the overall £70 budget that has been implemented this year - go to point 9.14 to read about that, and get in touch if you have any questions regarding that.

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