Here are a few of the questions that we've got regarding the West London Varsity and the Sports Clubs Awards Dinner. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at, by calling us on 0208 240 4312 or by messaging us on social media - you can find our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

I bought my ticket for the West London Varsity through Will the confirmation email I got sent get me onto the bus and into fixtures at the West London Varsity?

No – the email you got sent is your confirmation email. Once you’ve bought your ticket online, your name will be added to a list of attendees and you’ll be able to collect your West London Varsity T-shirt from K11 (Students’ Union Office). This T-shirt acts as your ticket on the day, getting you onto the buses and into fixtures at Brunel.

Tickets bought online can only be collected from K11 from the day after purchase onwards – ie if you bought a ticket on 06/03/19, you can collect it from 07/03/19 onwards.

What does my West London Varsity T-shirt give me?

Your West London Varsity T-shirt will grant you access to a return bus ride to Brunel University from our Main Campus (provided that you show up at the right time – see below). It will give you access to all indoor and outdoor fixtures at the West London Varsity (subject to capacity of Brunel’s indoor venues) and will also give you access to The Viper Rooms nightclub in Kingston after the event, along with a return journey there on the evening of Varsity to celebrate a St Mary’s win!

When do buses go to and from Brunel on the day of Varsity?

Your Varsity T-shirt gives you a return bus journey to Brunel from our Main Campus. Buses will leave from outside the Students’ Union Lounge on campus at 7am, 8am, 9am, 9.30am and 10am.

On the way back, buses will leave from Brunel’s campus at 5.30pm, 6.30pm, 7.30pm and 8.30pm. We would advise that you get the earliest buses you can get in both directions, as the later buses are always the busiest.

Can I buy my friend (who is a St Mary’s student) a ticket to the West London Varsity and/or Sports Clubs Awards Dinner?

If you’re buying from K11, you can buy a ticket for a St Mary’s student if you bring along a their student ID or a photo of it. If you’re buying online, you can only buy your own ticket for these events.

I’m playing in a fixture at the West London Varsity. Do I still need to buy a T-shirt?

If you’re playing in a fixture at the West London Varsity, you need a T-shirt – there are no exceptions to this rule.

I bought a Varsity T-shirt in the wrong size. Can I exchange it for a different size?

You can’t come to K11 to exchange a T-shirt, but if you can find a student who wants your size and doesn’t have a ticket then we would recommend that you ask them to get a ticket in the size you want and exchange your ticket in that way.

Can I bring a non-St Mary’s University guest to the Sports Clubs Awards Dinner or West London Varsity?

You can’t bring a non -St Mary’s University guest to the Sports Clubs Awards Dinner or West London Varsity as demand is too high for these events amongst students.

I’ve bought my Sports Clubs Awards Dinner entry, but don’t have a ticket other than my email confirmation or receipt. How do I get into the event?

If you’ve come to K11 or bought your ticket for the Sports Clubs Awards Dinner online, then don’t worry – your name is on the list. We would recommend keeping the receipt you were given when you bought at K11 ticket or the email that you got sent when you bought online just in case, but you shouldn’t need them – we are recording all names and will have a list on the night. When you get onto the bus that takes you to the Sports Clubs Awards Dinner, your ticket will be exchanged for a wristband which will get you into the event and get you on transport to and from it. We will also have wristbands at the venue, so if you’re making your own way there don’t worry – we’ll meet you at the entrance.

How and when do I get to and from the Sports Clubs Awards Dinner?

We will provide buses to and from the Sports Clubs Awards Dinner, which is taking place at Sandown Park this year. These will be leaving from 5.30pm and 6.30pm outside the SU Lounge. On the way back from Sandown Park to campus buses will run from 12.30am onwards.

If you would rather take another form of transport to the Dinner or you’re not leaving from Campus, this is the location of the venue. The Dinner itself will happen in the Gold Cup Suite.

When is the deadline for buying or collecting my tickets to either event?

The deadline for buying and collecting Varsity T-shirts is on Tuesday 26/03/19, but we have a limited amount of these which means that they may sell out before this date.

Sports Clubs Awards Dinner tickets will be available until 28/03/19, but again availability is limited so we may be sold out by then too.

What is the dress code for the Sports Clubs Awards Dinner?

The Sports Clubs Awards Dinner is a smart dress event.

I have specific dietary requirements that you'll need to know about for my meal at the Sports Clubs Awards Dinner. How do I let you know about these?

When you buy your ticket, we'll ask you about these online or at the Front Desk of the Students' Union. Make sure to mention anything at all that we might need to know so that we can make sure you get the right food.

I need a refund for my ticket (for either event). Can I get one?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible for us to give refunds to either of these events unless it’s under exceptional circumstances. Please email with details and we’ll be back in touch ASAP with an answer on whether or not a refund is possible.

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