What's Going On?

Check out our event schedule below - unless otherwise listed, you'll find all of these events on our Instagram account. Make sure you're following us to keep up!

We’ve planned lots of activity specifically to inspire, motivate and connect you with staff and other simmies from 25-29 January – we know that coming back after Christmas is quite a common time to experience ‘wobbles’ and we’re here to help. ‘Wobbles’ can take a variety of forms - they can be triggered by your course, the social aspects of university, or through anything that’s happening in your personal life amongst other things. Often they're just temporary and they can be improved with some help, so if you need a pick-me-up then look out for the events highlighted in red.

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Monday 18 January, 3pm - St Mary's Values Talk - Live event

What are your values, and what do you stand for? Our next Values Talk, from professional speakers Georgina and Lennox from GGT Solutions, is focused on helping you to find your values and the energy and motivation that comes from living by them. They'll help you to move from negative to positive thinking, to think about your own values, and to get you motivated during difficult times. Crucial skills for getting through 2021 - so make sure you don't miss this chance to re-energise and start the year off with a bang! Click here to sign up to watch this talk live on Zoom.

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Monday 18 January - Brain teasers

To keep your brain active, we’re giving you some brain teasers on Instagram including Sudoku, quizzes and loads more. Follow us on Instagram to play along…

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Monday 18 January, 6pm - SIMMSActive Yoga - Live event

SIMMSActive are back with their weekly yoga sessions. You can sign up to join us at one of these by clicking here.

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Tuesday 19 January - Self Care Tuesdays

Self care is so important. We all need to practice it, and it’s especially easy to forget to at a time like this. That’s why every Tuesday, we’ll be running self-care tips from the Wellbeing Team – they’re here to support you so make sure you get in touch with them and use the resources they’ve provided too – click here to see them.

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Wednesday 20 January - Get Active

We're making sure that Wednesdays are the day to get active, whether we're in lockdown or not. We're posting workouts, tips on how to stay active and sharing content from our incredible sports clubs – you can find out more about them here.

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Thursday 21 January - Mindfulness Sessions

Our Mental Health Advisers in the student Services team are here for you – every Thursday, they’ll be running mindfulness sessions. They’ll be happening at the same time every week, but remember you can save these to watch them at a time that suits you.

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Friday 22 January - Societies In Spotlight

Societies are such a great way to meet new people. We’ve got over 20 societies at St Mary’s, and they’re all open to all students – they range from Fishing to Afro-Caribbean to Business, and they’re a brilliant way to meet like-minded students. Every Friday, we'll introduce you to a new one and let you know how to get in touch with them.

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Monday 25 January - Dance Lesson - St Mary's Dance Club Instagram

Our Dance Club are teaching you a new routine every Monday at 8pm, and we're sharing it with you on Instagram. Follow us to see their lesson, and make sure you're also following the Dance Club here.

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Monday 25 January - Monday 8 February (Mondays and Fridays) - Meet your Faculty Reps - LIVE EVENT

We’re introducing you to our Faculty Reps – they’re student representatives who are here to support you and ensure that you’re represented and your views are listened to by your course. If you’ve got any burning questions about your course at St Mary’s, make sure you get in touch – we’ll be introducing them to you on Mondays and Fridays from 25 January until Monday 8 Feb, so check our IG on those days to get your questions answered - we'll post the timings for these events soon.

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Tuesday 26 January

Campus is really close to both Richmond and Bushy Park. These are arguably two of the nicest parks in the country and if you’re lucky you’ll see deer and parakeets if you visit! We’ll share some of our favourite walking routes on Instagram on Tuesday (or you can find some other routes here) – if you’re in the area, why not plan a walk or run with a friend and use our routes to explore a bit? If you’re further away, make sure you check out our fitness resources - you can use these wherever you are.

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Tuesday 26 January - 4pm - TedAndTalk - The Beauty of Struggle - LIVE EVENT

Need some motivation? We’re screening some inspiring TED Talks whist connecting you with the staff members at St Mary’s who are here to support you. Iain Forward (Mental Health Adviser for Student Services) will be here for this TED Talk where we’re watching a talk on the beauty of struggle, and how you can use it to give you a greater sense of purpose. He's a really useful person to know, so stick around for a chat and a cuppa with him afterwards! You can sign up to watch this live here.

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Wednesday 27 January - 4pm - Student Experience Zone - live event

This is your chance to speak to the Officer Team about what's going on and to put your ideas forward to them. If you want to know more about anything student experience base at St Mary's (this includes services you're being provided and anything outside of education that isn't club or society-based) then come and speak to us. Even if you don't have specific points to raise, all are welcome to come and join the conversation - it all helps us to improve your student experience. Sign up to come to our Student Experience Zone here.

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Thursday 28 January, 2pm - Brew at 2 - live event

Put the kettle on - Brew @ 2 is back. Tomorrow is your chance to stop by your (virtual) SU for a tea and a chat at 2pm. Your Officer Team would love to talk to you about anything at all. If you have specific things that you’d like them to help you with or if you’re just looking for a conversation with someone who’s here for you, all are welcome. You can sign up to join us for Brew @ 2 here

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Thursday 28 January, 4pm - TedAndTalk - Breaking the Stigma - Live event

Nicola Fraser is a Senior Counsellor at St Mary’s, and has loads of experience in helping students out. She’s a great person to know! She's joining us for a screening of a Ted Talk on the stigma around mental health, which is something that your Student Life President has been working all year to break at St Mary’s. Join us for this talk and and a discussion about what it meant to you after – it’s so important to open up and talk. You can sign up to watch this live here.

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Friday 29 January, 4pm - TedAndTalk with Jade Salim - Live event

Dr Jade Salim is a senior lecturer at St Mary’s and for years has been supporting students through thick and thin. Join her for another of our TedAndTalk sessions about our fears, and how to identify your fears so that you can deal with them and not let them stifle you. Jade’s definitely got experience in conquering fears as a senior lecturer who’s also worked as a high-level gymnastics coach AND appeared in Harry Potter films, so she’ll have a lot to add to this! You can sign up to this event here!

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