You can now vote in the SMSU Elections! Click here to do it now - it takes 2 minutes.

Here are 4 reasons to vote (and vote wisely) on the three roles that are up for grabs which will lead SMSU next year…


  1. SMSU affects you and your education. Even if you think that the Elections don’t affect you, we can promise that they do! In recent years SMSU has changed the way in which you receive feedback for essays and coursework has changed due to SMSU’s input, we’ve lobbied the University to freeze tuition fees (saving students nearly £400K in the process) and we’re currently working on changing the way that resits in exams are marked. Past Officer Teams have been directly responsible for these changes.
  2. SMSU helps you to socialise and make friends. SMSU has set up hundreds of clubs and societies in past years alongside organising loads of amazing events each year. Our Officer Team have a huge input on these, so make sure you vote for the people who have your best interests at heart.
  3. SMSU represents you if anything goes wrong. If you end up in a disciplinary hearing or any kind of academic dispute with the University, SMSU will represent you as an independent body. Look at the candidates – which of the candidates would you want to be fighting your corner in a situation like this?
  4. SMSU can help to raise awareness for the things that you care about. If you’re particularly passionate about the environment, mental health campaigning or raising awareness for civil rights issues then our Officer Team are the people to go to. They’ll be running campaigns through the year, so speak to them about what they’re passionate about and see if it aligns with your views!
The SMSU Elections happen in March - so when the time comes, use your vote wisely!

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