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K-Pop Society

The K-pop society is for anyone who wants to join a group of people with a love for K-pop or k-dramas. We have multiple activities, like music video nights, k-drama nights, Quizzes, games, and more. Join to relax and have fun!

Society details

President: Helena Victoria Krabberoed (She/Her or They/Them)
Email: 196880@live.stmarys.ac.uk
Vice president: Soraia Silva (She/Her)
Email: 205590@live.stmarys.ac.uk
Social Secretary: Molly Wilson (She/Her)
Email: 203816@live.stmarys.ac.uk
Communications Secretary: Sonia Graf (She/Her)
Email: 197064@live.stmarys.ac.uk
Treasurer: Janani Amber Ratnavel (She/Her)
Email: 201415@live.stmarys.ac.uk

Cost of Membership
£5 for 1 year's membership

Registered Office: Students' Union, St Mary's University, Waldegrave Road, Twickenham, Greater London, TW1 4SX
Registered Charity Number: 1150328