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LGBTQ+ Society

The 2020/21 LGBTQ+ Society is a place where those who identify as LGBTQ+ and their allies can meet. During February, we are paying your LGBT+ Society membership. So for everyone who signs up, we'll put the usual £5 membership fee into your society's accounts which you'll have access to, and then in turn you'll be able to spend that on the society - some suggestions for what you could use the money for are below...

  • Subsidise a takeaway for the society, so everyone saves £5 on pizza
  • Buy a film or books for all members of the society to enjoy together
  • Pool the money together to get speakers or acts involved in a virtual event for the LGBTQ+ community at St Mary's

These are just a few ideas - but the possibilities are huge, and what you and the society do with the money is up to you. Membership is only free for February, so don't miss out on your chance to join up today - click here to sign up.

Society details

President: Maisie Ward
President: Niamh Moore

Contact email

Cost of Membership
£5 for 1 year's membership

Registered Office: Students' Union, St Mary's University, Waldegrave Road, Twickenham, Greater London, TW1 4SX
Registered Charity Number: 1150328