Society and Engagement Awards

Congratulations to all of our amazing winners in the Society and Engagement Awards. Check them out below...

Business Society were awarded this for their excellent work throughout the year. They ran a wide range of events for both members and non-members and they actively engaged with SMSU events by promoting them on social media and helping when they could. They also worked alongside other societies to create joint events, whilst also listening to the needs of all students including their members and non-members.

Ruth was awarded Committee Member of the Year for organising various events (both social and society related) which were very inclusive and considered all of the attendees’ needs. She fulfilled her role and responsibilities throughout the year and supported other committee members with their responsibilities, too. She also ensured that the International Society’s social media pages were active, and she actively engaged with SMSU events/campaigns.

The Fishing Society won Most Charitable Society for their support of all of SMSU’s campaigns throughout the year. They were especially supportive of SMSU’s Movember campaign with their donations to the NHS and other local charities. They also give away any of the surplus fish that they catch to local homeless people.

Business Society won Society Event of the Year for their Linkedin event which was attended by over 40 people including both members and non-members. It was successfully advertised on social media and all over campus – they used flyers really effectively and did a great job of getting people talking about the event. The event was free for anyone who attended and there was a Q&A at the end of the event, which meant that everyone left knowing more about the subject area.

Fishing Society were awarded Best New Society for their active engagement throughout the year with SMSU’s events and campaigns. They actively engaged with events in the University Bar, which was one strong point. They were also hugely democratic - all members had an equal vote in what happened during the year. We’ve also awarded them because of the diverse events programme they ran throughout the year which suited the want and need of all of their members.

Sinead was highlighted for her professionalism, versatility, and enthusiasm - and for her excellent work in WP events, open days, and marketing for student recruitment. She has been described as ‘a very good example to other ambassadors’, as a ‘natural presenter’, and as simply ‘superb’.

Ahmed was highlighted for his enthusiasm, dedication, and growth - and his excellent manner with the students he works with that ‘sets him above his peers’ as well as his never-failing kindness to those around him.

Jazmin was highlighted for her commitment, reliability, and work ethic - she is described as ‘extremely hard-working’, ‘always willing to go the extra miles’ and a ‘epitomising outstanding Customer Service in everything she does’.

Daniel was highlighted for his ‘outstanding commitment’ to his role as a student rep and his project leadership skills - he is described as continually ‘going above and beyond’ in supporting his programme, as giving up his weekends to support with student recruitment, and as ‘an invaluable member of his programme and faculty’.

Ben was highlighted for excellent class engagement, commitment to university events, work on campus and off-campus events, and overall sense of community – as well as his work for sports societies, his support of other students around him, and his success with the Santander start-up business programme.

Benjamin was highlighted for his kindness, his altruism, and his can-do attitude – his work as a Senior Resident has been called ‘nothing short of outstanding’ and he has been described as ‘a great role model to other students and a fantastic credit to St Mary’s University’.

Rhianon was nominated three times in this category. She has been highlighted for her enthusiasm, growth, and passion. Repeatedly, her nominations refer to her dedication to other students and to making them aware of the opportunities available to them – she is described as ‘embodying the values of St Mary’s’ and as having had a ‘genuine impact’ on the University.

Lizzie was highlighted for her hard work, determination, and for her utterly astounding achievements at the University of San Francisco.

Niamh was highlighted for her enthusiasm, politeness, and overall engagement – and for her excellent work at validation events and summer conferences. She has been described as ‘always willing to help others’ and as ‘a true inspiration’.

Lesley was highlighted for her reliability, mentorship skills, and dedication – she is described as a ‘fantastic student’ without which her programme ‘would have really struggled’because she has contributed to much.

Gemma was highlighted for engagement with multiple projects and in particular for her work with Young Offenders in Feltham. She is described as ‘the standout student within all three years of her degree programme’.

Fran was highlighted for her energy, dedication, and ability to excellently articulate feedback from fellow students – she is described as having contributed strongly andmeaningfully to the ‘development’ and ‘legacy’ of the Law programme.

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