Upcoming Events

Here are all of the upcoming events that are happening right now. Some of these are standalone SMSU events, some are run in collaboration with or by the University and others might be a part of the campaigns that we're running.

The St Mary's University Bar

Win 3 months of shopping - the Big SMSU Survey

OK so it's not an 'event' as such, but we're giving you the chance to win 3 months' worth of shopping (£300), 4x £25 in cash or 2x Summer Ball tickets in the Big SMSU Survey and we don't want you to miss out! In exchange, we just want your thoughts on SMSU so that we can work out how to best support and represent you over the next few years. You can find out more and fill the survey in here.

Students talking at the St Mary's University Bar

Meet New Simmies

There are loads of free events available next week, and this is a great chance to socialise. It can be really hard to meet new people in person though, so we're here to help - at the Outdoor Cinema and Petting Zoo Reconnect Week events next week, we're connecting you with your fellow Simmies beforehand so that you can enjoy new experiences with new people. To take part, just give us some of your details here and we'll match you up with new Simmies in a WhatsApp Group so that you can arrange to meet up.

Students paddleboarding at Freshers' 2021

Free Paddleboarding – Monday 17 May, 1 - 5pm – Active360 Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding was one of the biggest successes from Freshers’ 2021, so we had to bring it back for Reconnect Week. It’s another great way to get outside and stay active, and it’s also really social so get your mates together and join us for an introductory lesson with an expert teacher. Book your tickets here - this event is a part of Reconnect Week.

St Mary's students climbing a rock wall

Free Climbing Wall – Monday 17 May, 11am - 3pm – Student Square (outside the SU building)

Ever been climbing? It sounds scary, but it’s a brilliant way to make friends and exercise. To give you a free taste of what it’s like, we’re bringing a 10 metre outdoor climbing wall to campus. No need to get tickets – just come along and we’ll get you started. This event is a part of Reconnect Week.

A student drawing their bow and arrow

Free Archery – Wednesday 19 May, 12 - 4pm – Rugby Pitch

We’re getting medieval with a free archery session - if you think you can hit a bullseye or two then come down for a totally free outdoor session! No need to get tickets – just come along and we’ll set you up to have a go. This event is a part of Reconnect Week.

A portrait image of Rinke Joseph

Why not me? The role of generosity of spirit in overcoming adversity – Values Talk – Wednesday 19 May, 4pm - virtual event

Ronke Joseph is an Author with a hugely inspirational and motivational story to tell. In 2015, she lost her leg in a traffic accident. Since then she’s used her incredible positivity and generosity of spirit to not only survive the incident, but to come to terms with it and to thrive in her new situation. Hearing Ronke’s story will teach you that you’re never alone, and it will also help you to recognise how important learning to tell your own story is. Join us at this Values Talk to meet Ronke and to let her inspire and motivate you – you can sign up to watch it online here.

Students enjoying an outdoor cinema screening

Free Outdoor Cinema – Wednesday 19 May, 9pm – Priests’ Lawn

The tickets for this event have now been sold, but we are potentially releasing more on Tuesday 18 May at 7pm. Please read this article for more details on this.

Summer is here! Get your mates together, grab some popcorn and drinks from the St Mary’s Bar and join us for an outdoor screening of Mamma Mia. We’d recommend that you bring a blanket to sit on for this one! This event is a part of Reconnect Week.

Free Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting – Thursday 20 May, 12 – 4pm – Rugby Pitch

Don’t worry, there are no real guns or animals being harmed here – just lasers and an outdoor target-shooting game. It’s a great test of your reactions so gamers will love it, but everyone should come along and try! There’s no need to book a session for this one, just walk in and we’ll set you up. This event is a part of Reconnect Week.

Students enjoying the petting zoo from Freshers 2019

Free Petting Zoo – Thursday 20 May, 10am - 2pm – Student Square (outside the SU building)

We’re bringing goats, ponies and loads more cute animals to campus and they’ve all spent a whole year patiently waiting to meet you. Come along to this outdoor event to give them treats and pet them! There’s no need to buy tickets for this – just come along and we’ll introduce you to the animals. This event is a part of Reconnect Week.

Students enjoying an outdoor cinema screening

Free TED Talk – Friday 21 May, 3pm – 10pm – The Exchange, Twickenham or online

TEDxStMarysUniversity is an afternoon and evening of enlightening and exciting 18-minute talks. As well as questions around whether the traditional university is dead, there will be discussion on the ethics of vaccine passports, climate change and whether psychoanalysis can teach us about online misogyny. Whether you're watching online or at the Exchange, tickets are limited so get yours here.

The St Mary's University Bar

St Mary's University Bar - now Open

We don't run the St Mary's University Bar but we wanted to let you know that on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays the St Mary's University Bar is open and running table service outside! You can find out more and book a slot here. Please carefully read the rules before attending to keep yourself and your fellow Simmies safe.

The St Mary's University Bar

SIMMSActive - Social Sport

The Fitness and Conditioning Suite over at Sport St Mary's is now open, and there are loads of social sport sessions on offer too from Sport St Mary’s! Make sure you check them out and get active – look out for the SIMMSActive sessions here which are free of charge. Why not get a few friends together and book out a session?

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