Zone Meetings

You can sign up to attend the next Zone Meeting Zone here. 

Our Zone Meetings are your chance to hold your Officer Team (pictured below) to account. If there are changes you want made at St Mary's, then these forums are your chance to tell them and make a difference at your union - at a time like this, that's especially crucial.

An image of our Election winners of 2020 - Charlie, Niamh and Maisie

How do the zones work?

The next Zone Meeting is our Education Zone - the time and date are at the bottom of this page. At this meeting, all things Education will be discussed, and the Officer Team will update on their progress. If you want to see what the Officer Team have been doing for you recently, read this statement which details how SMSU is responding to the recent lockdown. At this meeting, you can present a motion which will be voted on there and then - if it's passed, it's then our job to work on what you've suggested and to keep you updated (details on motions are below). You can click here to find out what motions were passed at previous meetings.

Why should zone meetings matter to me?

As a charity, all of our democratic processes like the zone meetings are crucial to our operations. They ensure that everything we do is democratic and student led. But these meetings are important to you, too. They suit all students...

  • Do you not engage with SMSU at all, or do you have no idea what SMSU is? That’s a great reason to come along. These meetings are a great way to find out who we are and to find out how we can help you in your time at St Mary’s.
  • Are you involved with the SU already? If you’re involved with the SU, these meetings are crucial. Vital decisions are made in our these Zone Committees which affect all students. If you already engage, these decisions will be especially impactful on your student experience.
  • Do you have issues or concerns with SMSU or what we do? If you do, that’s great – while we don’t want students to have issues with us, if we know about them we can work through them. You can also present motions at these meetings.

Whichever category you’re in, we’d love to see you there. This year the meeting is especially accessible since it’s run through Zoom – no need to come all the way into campus!

What will be discussed at the next Zone Meeting?

Here is the agenda for the next Zone Meeting.

How do I propose a motion for a Zone Meeting?

This is the exciting bit - if you want something to be discussed at a Zone Meeting, you can propose a motion to get it talked about and to have a vote on it at the meeting.

To illustrate this, one example revolves around the way clubs and societies work. Previously all societies and sports clubs ran committee training together and held a joint sports and societies awards dinner. A lot of students wanted to make a change to this, so they proposed to separate them at our AGM (a similar meeting to this) - because of that, we now have separate societies and sports awards dinners, separate committee trainings, and even two separate Officer Team members to focus on each separate group.

This is just one example of a successful motion - others could revolve around anything from climate change, SMSU events or our relationship with the local community. This document gives you all of the details on how to submit a motion, so make sure you read it. You'll have the chance to submit motions in the meeting, so there's no need to pre-submit - just have what you want to propose in mind and let us know!

When are the next zone meetings?

The next zone meetings are below...

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