You can get your Big Hello Freshers 2018 Wristband here! Your wristband will save you £11.50 when compared to on the door prices, and it guarantees entry to all of our events.

Our full schedule of daytime events includes a terrifying 20ft climbing wall, a petting zoo to calm you down after, a craft beer tasting lesson and 11 other incredible events happening everyday from September 8 to September 20. Click the picture above to read more about them!

We've got 2 weeks of nightlife events lined up for you. If you want clubbing, we've got it - nights out at some of London's biggest club along with ones on campus are included. We've also got chilled out nights and alternatives to most of our evenings if clubbing isn't your thing. Whatever you want to do, there'll be something to do and people to do it with! Click the picture above to see the full schedule of events.

Registered Office: Students' Union, St Mary's University, Waldegrave Road, Twickenham, Greater London, TW1 4SX
Registered Charity Number: 1150328