You're not alone

If you’re having a 'wobble' or just aren’t feeling great right now, that’s OK. Everyone below has been where you are, and they all got through it – now they’re sharing their tips with you to help you do the same.

To find out about each of the below student and staff members' 'wobbles' and how they got through them, just click on their names or pictures and then click play on the video just beneath this text. Every one of them has a different piece of advice (or sometimes lots of pieces of advice) for when you're having a tough time. After watching these, check out our schedule of events to get inspired, motivated and meet people within the uni who you can talk to.

  • Alice, Student

    Alice, student

    "Join a sports club"

  • Danica, graduate

    Danica, graduate

    "Ask for help"

  • Elisabetta, lecturer

    Elisabetta, lecturer

    "Get through it together"

  • Emily, student

    Emily, Student

    "Talk about it"

  • Hamna, student

    "Set small goals"

  • Jade, lecturer

    Jade, lecturer

    "Remember why you started"

  • Maisie, sport president

    Maisie, Sport

    "Speak to your
    personal tutor"

  • Manayka, student

    "Talk to the
    Employability Department"

  • Jade, lecturer

    Mel, Lecturer

    "Do something to
    keep your mood up"

  • Michael, lecturer

    Michael, lecturer

    "Remember that it’s
    OK not to be OK"

  • Nancy, Outreach Manager

    "Listen to a podcast"

  • Jade, lecturer

    Navida, WP Rep

    "You are not alone"

  • Niamh, Officer Team

    Niamh, Officer Team

    "Speak to the
    Learning Development

  • Robin, WP Rep

    "Keep going!"

  • Jade, lecturer

    Sarah, lecturer

    "Use the support on offer"

  • Sonya, WP Rep

    Sonya, WP Rep

    "Remind yourself that
    this is temporary"

  • Chantelle, student

    "Speak to Student Finance!"

  • Charlie, officer team

    Charlie, Officer Team

    "Get it off your chest!"

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